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Asian Art Gallery Renovation

Japanese art in the Eichheim gallery

The Asian art galleries on the Museum's Upper Level—Hammett, Wood, Eichheim, and Story galleries—are given a fresh, new face after months of renovation. This renovation project has been part of the Museum's continued effort to enrich visitor's viewing experience and at the same time to improve environmental conditions for the care and presentation of the collection. The works of Asian art are installed in newly configured spaces with improved cases and lighting as well as a broader, richer interpretive program including maps and diagrams to supplement didactic texts. Newly acquired gifts and purchases, some never before exhibited, are integrated into the long-term display.

The renovated galleries are a tribute to the rich and diverse arts of Asia with over 300 objects in a variety of media on view. The objects present a survey of nearly 5,000 years of Asia art history, ranging in time from 2,500 BCE to the 20th century. The refreshed galleries, of approximately 4,450 square feet, are designed to spatially define the vastly different Asian cultures and their diverse aesthetics. The new installation also reveals important intercultural relationships represented in Asian art such as religion and trades. Some works are featured in traditional chronological and geographical presentations, while other works are grouped by material, subject, or theme.

The installation of Asian Art in the Henry Eichheim, Buell Hammett, Ala Story, and Emma Wood Galleries was made possible through generous donations from:

Wallis Foundation
Hind Foundation
Natalia and Michael Howe
Victor K. Atkins, Jr.

Lewis R. Bloom and Clay Tedeschi
Santa Barbara Foundation

Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
Chalifoux Fund
Santa Barbara Museum of Art's Friends of Asian Art
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