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Brian Bress - The Architect (Nick)
Brian Bress, The Architect (Nick), 2012. High definition single-channel video (color), high definition monitor and player, wall mount, framed, 43 min., 43 sec., loop. Museum purchase with funds provided by the General Art Acquisition Fund and Jill and John C. Bishop, Jr.
Interventions: Brian Bress
July 15 – September 30, 2012

Multimedia works by this critically acclaimed emerging artist have been described as inventive, humorous, and "discomfitingly complex." This installation–the artist's first solo museum exhibition in the western United States—features a selection of five video portraits. Using flat–screen monitors encased in frames, these works appear to be conventional photographs or even paintings, each depicting one or more figures rendered abstract through the use of masks and costumes. As these strange figures subtly and slowly move at a nearly imperceptible pace, they create a sense of surprise and perhaps even unease for the viewer. Combined with vague visual references to imagery found in modern art, these works are familiar yet strange simultaneously, which adds to their associations with the uncanny. Strategically placed throughout the Museum, they address not only the viewer, but also the works and concepts already existing within its walls.

As an inventive form of portraiture, the works in this exhibition are also meant to complement the major summer exhibition, Portrayal/Betrayal.

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