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Why does art matter? The answer lies in all aspects of our lives—from the design of our clothes, to the style of our homes, to the street and building signs we pass each day, to our innermost feelings about history, the environment, the future, our family, friends, home, and community.

We know that art can change the way we look at the world. Art matters on a deeper level as it touches each of us in different ways. At the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, we see how art has the power to engage a diverse group of teenagers, motivating them to work together to reinvent and beautify a public space. We see art used to inspire grade school children to seek academic help after school. We see art used by educators to inspire and encourage those students who may be falling behind in a math or science class.

Research has shown the positive impact arts education has in engaging students in learning, contributing to higher test scores, reduced truancy and dropout rates, higher academic performance, and greater involvement in community service. Art and arts education provides children and adults of all ages with a unique perspective of the world. It is a part of what makes us individuals.

Through our permanent collection, which contains more than 28,000 works of art and spans more than 5,000 years of human creativity, and the world-class exhibitions we present, SBMA provides a place where individuals like Chloe, Lilibeth, and Margo, and the entire Santa Barbara community, can come for inspiration, insight, education, and reflection.

Art matters. Please make a gift and help us integrate art into the lives of people.

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