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Why do you travel with SBMA?

Because the trips are GREAT! - Dorothy and John Gardner

Museum trips are intelligent, well planned, and well executed.  The itineraries are terrific and travel mates are well-traveled and interesting. - Barbara Ben-Horin 

They are always well arranged and stimulating. - Chris and Dave Chernof 

The pleasure of the company of fellow interesting travelers and the excellent “study leaders” ensure a memorable trip! – Gwen Baker

Because they are always the best! – Nancy Schlosser


From Ireland tour, 2017

Thank YOU for managing the trip/tour so beautifully.  It was wonderful to share this trip with family. – Maryan Schall

Thanks so much for all the attention you us on the trip to and from Ireland.  What a wonderful, wonderful trip!  I’m still in awe of the places we stayed, the things we saw and the 5-star meals we ate!!  Such a memorable vacation. - Dawn Saglio

It was like magic having all these exquisite dinners in exquisite homes. Tourists can't do the things we did. There's no way I would be able to go to these places on my own. I would never have gone to Ireland if it weren't for the art museum. The doors that were opened and the opportunities we had totally blew me away. – Sharon Felder

It was one magical evening after another. Our guide was an Irish encyclopedia with a sparkle in her eye. – Kim and Michael Hayes


From Low Countries tour, Spring 2017

Susie and Nigel are the dream team. The success of these trips is due in no small part to Susie’s considerable skill and experience! Some days I felt as if I were driving through a 17th-century Dutch landscape painting – cloud-filled skies joining flat land – the paintings came to life. The tour was lovely, start to finish! – Gwen Baker

Every trip I take with Nigel, I think it was the best—until the next one. This was the best. - Nancy Schlosser

Everything was 5 star – I was really impressed and happy! Friends said how great traveling with SBMA is, and now I know it is also! – Gabrielle Davis

We are great fans of trips planned by Susie Orso. Nigel and Susie are a great team. Nigel’s painting lecture and Susie’s dining arrangements were highlights. – Melissa Dvorak

It was a wonderful trip…Susie is fabulous and Nigel…well…a gift to the world – Marilyn Easly

Susie is phenomenal, handles everything so professionally, thinks ahead, great planning. Nigel is a treasury of wisdom and imparts it so well, could listen all day. Susie and Nigel are an unbeatable team. Every angle was covered logistically and educationally. We love Nigel’s ability to explain the art, history and background of what we saw. We loved the itinerary, such diversity. Highlights were the Kroller Muller Museum, Mauritshuis Museum, The Rossens’ home, Frans Hals Museum. We loved all the museums. – Linda and Peter Beuret


From New York City tour, May 2017

I thank you for a most memorable trip to New York.  I could go again in a heartbeat.  - Diane Sullivan 

This was the trip of my life. It was absolutely delicious. It was such an immersion into the arts of New York. That first morning at the Met Conservation Department knocked me out and then it just got better and better. I fell into the art. It was an unforgettable, educational, and personal experience and I can’t wait until the next one. – Donnovan Field

Donnovan said it best—Delicious!!  The trip was truly delicious in every way and every sense of the word.   I loved every minute of it and am so happy and feel privileged as well to have been a part of it. – Lorna Hedges

I loved every minute! – Gail Wasserman

I've never done anything like this and know I'm hooked. - Hildegard Gray, first time group traveler 

(We) have been gushing about it to friends and family.  We loved everything about it from the itinerary to our wonderful Santa Barbara travel companions.  - Polly and Camille Bonnell

I can't stop talking about the trip to my friends. It was just wonderful! – Gail Wasserman

“Masterfully planned. We got to see all that we wanted and the “behind the scenes” events were things we couldn’t have seen on our own.”-  Penny and Wayne McCall

“Excellent. It exceeded all expectations”- Diane Sullivan

“We had such a good time , and so enjoyed getting to know New York City. It was really a very special tour, and we are so pleased that we were able to be a part of it.”- Gail Wheaton

“A ‘bucket list’ trip to N.Y. from the tour staff to the itinerary- couldn’t have been better!” – Polly Bonnell


From L.A. 2016

Melinda Johnson, a resident of Malibu, said at the end of it: "At first I thought, 'I am spending a lot to go to downtown L.A. for two days.' Now I realize it was worth three times the cost!" 

“This was such a tremendous weekend!  Thank you for all the effort you put into it.”  - Marcia and John Mike Cohen

“A perfect ‘get-away’. We felt like we were gone for a week!  Great cultural excursion in our own backyard.  We came home refreshed and excited by what we found in Los Angeles.” – Jack Hewett 

“Thank you for a most wonderful weekend. You organized a great excursion.  Really educational ----- spoon feeding us "culture" while making the trip really FUN!  We look forward to more!” – Janice Meaden Hewett


From Savannah and Charleston 2016

“Our trip to Charleston and Savannah was topnotch in every way. We stayed in lovely places, saw so many beautiful homes and gardens, met such interesting people and learned so much about restoration.” – Jo Haldeman, who went on the trip with her two daughters

“Definitely was an experience, not just a tour. Left a lasting impression on me which I did not expect.  I was so impressed that I am planning another SBMA tour in September.” – Susan Haldeman

“I find the people I have met on these tours to be so much fun and interesting. I look forward to going on more tours with SBMA.” – Anne Marie Westmoreland

“This trip was phenomenal.” – Mary Jane Cooper


From the Amalfi Coast 2016

“The trip was wonderful! It was FULL of fabulous places to visit and lovely places to dine.  The group was very compatible.” – Alice Van de Water


From Mexico 2016

"This was my first trip with SBMA and I was very impressed with its breadth and depth of subject matter as well as with the excellent (virtually flawless) logistics." - anonymous


From Peloponnese 2016

“I did truly love the trip. I felt very safe and it was wonderfully fulfilling in every way. It was a fabulous trip in every way.  I so enjoyed all of the other trippers and the professors and the boat personnel and and and....just perfect.” Patricia Smith  


L.A. day trip to the Norton Simon with Charlie Wylie, July 2016

"I would have to say the highlight of our day trip was meeting a group of lovely and interesting people - that includes the wonderful museum staff.  Charlie’s comments provided much needed insight into some of the works."  - Ursula Ginder

"I very much enjoyed the day.  It was well planned—and knowing the two of you I know that you did your research and were meticulous in your planning. Bless Charlie for stepping in and making some sense out of the exhibition." – Lorna Hedges

"Love your trips and YOU Guys treat us so well, thanks!" - Ella Aarberg 

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