Spirit of Oaxaca: Crafts, Culture, and Ancient Mysteries

Oaxaca, an UNESCO World Heritage City of tree-shaded plazas, tiled roofs, and cobbled streets, is without rival in Latin America for the richness, variety, and quality of its art and native crafts. Long a haven for collectors and a mecca for contemporary artists, it has become a gastronomic destination with its sophisticated cuisine that highlights the influence of Oaxaca’s varied geography and indigenous cultures. The legacy of Mexico’s ancient civilization is as vibrant today in and around Oaxaca as it was three millennia ago. One does not have to travel far to encounter the historic treasures, artistic masterpieces, and festive traditions of this unique Mexican culture.

Unpack once, as the tour is based for all six nights at the centrally located historic Quinta Real, a 16th-century convent with arched walkways, courtyards, frescoes, and tiles that have been lovingly restored, preserving the building’s colonial design. On day excursions, explore nearby local villages and the world-class folk art for which Oaxaca is known.

Open to Museum Members only, this itinerary is completely customized for the SBMA traveler. It includes the “best of” many past SBMA tours to the area, with exciting new connections and additions, and is scheduled when weather is expected to be at its best. The tour will be led by expert guide and scholar Florencio Moreno, a lifelong resident of Oaxaca, who intimately knows every one of its treasures and hidden gems.


Email travel@sbma.net to request the brochure.


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