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Ekphrastic Poetry
Taking a 1968 protest photograph by Pirkle Jones, along with other artworks, as inspiration, this lesson for 9-12th grade students demonstrates how to write poems about works of art using concrete visual details.
An Eye for Art: The Biology of Vision
This lesson teaches K-12 students about the science of seeing using four important themes: light, visible light, color and luminance.
American Flag Redux
Inspired by the work of contemporary artist Tony de los Reyes, this lesson invites 6-12th grade students to reflect on the American flag and the concept of citizenship.
Portrait Proportions: Sketching a Self-Portrait
Using Roman busts as inspiration, this lesson teaches 6-12th grade students how to sketch a simple self-portrait, focusing on the fundamentals of size, shape and proportion.
Looking to Write: Empty Rooms
Inspired by Walter Gay’s painting Interior of His Brother’s House in Boston, this writing prompt invites 6-12th grade students to choose a room they know well and write about moments when it was empty or full.
Looking to Write: Being at Sea
Inspired by Ernest Ange Duez’s 1873 painting, Woman in Grey on Board Ship, Gazing at the Sea, this writing prompt invites 6-12th grade students to reflect on the concept of being “at sea”. Students may write about a time when they have felt at sea or about a world of the future they imagine worth fighting for.
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